The Interactive See-Through Experience.

Transparent MultiTouch Screen

Discover the breathtaking showcase opportunities, products in conjunction with digital touch media.

Whether high-end products in the showroom, at trade shows or in stores. This tool is like a smart window – the transparent multitouch display introduces in a new era of product presentation.

  • High Display Transparency – Clear and bright colors
  • True MultiTouch – Plug and Play easy setup
  • Powerful LED Backlight – High reliability and lifetime
  • Toughened safety glass, rugged metal housing
  • Various sizes available, from 32″ to 84″


The box-type construction around the LCD screen is made from ultra light-weight aluminium, which can be powder-coated in any RAL-Color to give the HYPEBOX an individual finish. Inside of the aluminium body, all control and power electronics for the display, touch and light components are installed safely and along the most current certification terms. The lighting unit, which is integrated into the top of the box, is optimized for the specific size of each box individually, in order to enlight the inner part of the box bright and smoothly to achieve the best possible transparency effect. By standard, the HYPEBOX is equipped with a 4mm security glass, which got an anti-reflection finish. 

Content can be played directly from an USB stick or by connecting any kind of PC or external media player which can be connected through HDMI. It also works with any Laptops or Android Mini Computers. The easiest way to run the box on a daily basis is to play from an USB source; the integrated media player unit was modified so it starts to play automatically when the HYPEBOX Is switched on. Once started, it loops the photo or video content without any time limitation.

Available in sizes from 10“ to 84“, the HYPEBOX is based on a transparent display, which enables the viewer to see the real product inside of the showcase while digital content is shown on the see-through LCD screen. In this way, products can be put in context with digital media like photos, videos, text or any other kind of content. In addition, the HYPEBOX is equipped with a state-of-the multitouch screen which basically acts as an interactive layer on top of the display surface.

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