SupraScan QUARTZ A1-A1HD

SupraScan QUARTZ A1-A1HD

Excellence At Your Fingertips.

SupraScan QUARTZ A1 – A1HD

Excellence at your fingertips

SupraScan Quartz A1 and Quartz A1 HD, scanners compliant with the ISO 19264 standard

The third generation of SupraScan range has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality. This search for excellence corresponds to i2S strategy and endeavours. Image quality being at the core of i2S concerns, SupraScan Quartz A1 and Quartz A1 HD are compliant with ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and FADGI image quality guidelines.

15 years of innovation to reach the highest level in terms of image quality

The SupraScan Quartz A1 and Quartz A1 HD offer innovative features like the relief enhancement and glare controle system. Thanks to optical and lighting innovation, relief enhancement features enables perfect reproduction of works of art sush as paintings, drawings and antique works of art; glare control feature enables scanning any glossy documents even blister poched document.

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