Create a magical visitor experience with the interactive MagicBox®. The transparent touch screen at the front of the MagicBox® impressively connects your exhibits with multimedia content. For example, your visitors can virtually leaf through historical books or explore a 3D model.

Introducing MagicBox® — an innovative display cabinet that merges the physical and the digital, creating fascinating new ways of presenting original and animated content. Print publications, usually limited to a look-only display spread, will now be fully tangible at the fingertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined with video or interactive 3D renderings to enhance the understanding of their functionality. The MagicBox® enriches exhibitions not only with additional information, but by making them truly memorable experiences.

Experience more with every touch

MagicBox® works with a special touch-screen that is incorporated in the front glass of the display case. The magic: the screen is transparent. This makes it possible to superimpose digital images, videos and 3D renderings on the exhibited object while keeping the same object visible at all time. Because of the touch functionality, visitors are able to control and interact with the exhibited materials, experiencing them with all senses.

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