Map Scanning

Drawing and Map Scanning:

We cater for all types of drawing and Map Scanning. The two most common project types are

Archival drawings and maps that require special handling

For older, more delicate drawings and maps we use our state-of-the-art heritage book scanners with pressure sensitive glass plates. This is typically very detailed work, handling material with unique references, that have to be appropriately scanned and named.

Our Staff are all highly trained and very experienced handling old and archival material.

Utilising the latest in book scanning technologies, hardware and software, we offer a comprehensive service, including

  • Scanning up to heritage standards
  • Post processing options
  • Indexing and Metadata
  • File formatting
  • OCR
  • Watermarking

We understand that our clients have varying degrees of knowledge on the scanning/digitsation of maps and drawings. Through years of experience, we have the ability to provide a custom solution to our customers the projects scanning requirements, offering free consultation and material review, providing ‘getting started guides’ and Customer visits, to help get the project started.

During the initial consultation, we always consider

  • Suitable location for the project , Bureau or Onsite
  • The project requirements and quality standards
  • Time constraints to completion
  • Budget
  • Assist with how best to host the scanned images eg websites/digital repositories

Commercial maps and drawings – commercial non-archival scanning

Where the project is more commercial, we utilitse high quality upright drawing scanners to scan these maps and drawings. We ensure that the material is suitable for the ‘fed’ upright drawing scanners.

Utilising the very latest document scanner hardware and software, we offer a comprehensive service, including

  • Scanning of maps and drawings to agreed standards.
  • We assist with map/drawing scan samples at the beginning of a project to confirm the best and most suitable formatting.
  • Post processing options
  • Indexing and File formatting
  • OCR or other recognition services
  • Archive write services to Microfilm

For larger commercial scanning projects, we work closely with Digital Documents Ltd, a well, established document scanning company with over 40 years in the business. They work to very impressive quality standards, in a modern and purpose-built Scanning Bureau, with integral Customer Storage.

Digital Documents website:

On these projects, DPI Staff will project mange and oversee the work to completion.

Storage Vault Facility

A key factor for many of our Clients is how and where the material will be stored during production. At the DPI Bureau, we have our own dedicated storage vault facility.

  • Your items will remain in the vault for the duration of the project and only removed during scanning production.
  • The rooms are of block construction, with a steel door, with a 2hr fire rating, with 24 hour monitoring, cctv and intruder/fire alarms.
  • Individual highly secure Vaults with min of two hour fire rating.
  • Open Storage Units with the latest protection systems for document or media storage
  • Full protection, with 24 hour monitoring of intruder and fire alarm systems
  • State of the art 24 hour Closed Circuit Television CCTV Monitoring
  • Managed by Company storage quality procedures