Digisolution™ is designed to offer customers a scalable, turnkey solution to fully manage the digitization process.

Digisolution™ is an innovative solutions, which manage every stage of the digitization process: image capture, processing, enhancement and sharing. To meet the digitization needs of diverse and valuable collections, we offer the widest range of books and historical documents scanners on the marketplace, which can handle multiple formats from tiny postage stamps to 2xA0 format documents

We also offer a wide range of software solutions constituting LIMB Suite, meant for managing the entire digitization process from image capture to sharing.


The highest level of image quality

i2S is recognized for its expertise in all stages of the digitization and image quality pipeline, and our experts are on hand to train you on the new standards in image quality.

Our experts are at the heart of the guidelines ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI, and acquire the knowledge you need for your digitization projects.

A unique and complete solution

I2S offers a complete range of book scanners capable of digitizing any type of document.

I2S book scanners meet the highest requirements for the conservation of fragile and valuable works and guarantee exceptional scanning quality and document care.

Plus, our LIMB software suite is today the only complete offer on the market capable of acquiring, processing, enriching and converting cultural heritage into digital heritage.

One solution, from capture to the cloud !

Create and share your collections online

LIMB Gallery is a new generation of digital library solution to easily publish, organize, enrich, share and control access to digitized content.

LIMB Gallery is a fully “responsive design” solution. It is accessible from any type of platform: PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

The user interface of LIMB Gallery is fully configurable. You can thus customize your graphical environment with a simple click. Create a digital library in your image!